Portrait: Pathological Lying.

I would like to start making posts written by you, my readers, shared anonymously here. So many men and women suffer abuse and it often differs at least slightly- which means the more examples I can offer here, the better. A lot of you have messaged me and as I know first hand that writing it out helps enormously, I encourage you to write about your situation if it’s something you still struggle with. It doesn’t have to be a romantic partner as many abusive relationships are at the hand of relatives and even friends. Email me using the contact provided at the top of the page if you’re interested! Thank you, and stay strong.

When dealing with a narcissist and many abusers, pathological lying is a given. Not an if, but a when.

My narcissist lied about anything and everything- even things that there was no way I would believe forever as it was impossible for me to not discover the truth at some point. For instance: claiming his ex-wife was Russian, that his kids lived in Hawaii, that his ex was harassing him etc.

Included in this post is audio from an instagram story he posted about a month after I told him I wanted a separation. In it, he claims to have gotten a recent increase in followers due to his divorce study, “God hates divorce”. Also included are screenshots of Ever Accountable- the app he got which tracked his internet usage. In these screenshots you can see he searches for and purchases followers and views/likes for a specific post. As an added bonus, the red strike throughs are searches for my Instagram account.

The narcissist doesn’t have friends. They have fans, followers, and worshippers. Keep that in mind while listening to this audio excerpt.

In the clip he talks about getting requests for topics, questions about Hawaii and the study, and being DM-ed with selfies and phone numbers. Obviously none of those things happened but they help to a) embellish the lie, b) make him look better and admired, and c) are an attempt to both make me jealous and “reassure” me that he’s turning down other girls daily, as this was at the point where he “wanted to me know everything he’s doing so I can see him change.”


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